AUG 31 - SEP 01, Pullman, New Delhi

I think there is a big ridge that one needs to cross – between getting a great idea, getting suggestions and executing it. In this country execution sometimes proves to be more difficult, we find battles about doing business every day. So I really want to give Vertica and her team a huge round of applause for having executed WADe Asia so well.

– Madhur Daga, MD, Orient Bell Ltd

We have received an overwhelming response. Our association with WADe is not as old as our association with Vertica and Surfaces Reporter. We enjoy a great bond. The cream among the designers of India and Asia come to WADe Asia. So, it is a lovely opportunity for us to showcase and meet.

-Ms Bhatnagar, Orient Bell Tiles

I am very happy to attend this event WADe Asia because of the lots of opportunities, it has for us to introduce our product to many architects.

– Satoshi Fujiura San, MD India, Sunmica

WADe Asia is a very good organised event executed in such a professional way. Where top of the line architects were there.The deliverables promised were delivered. Happy with the post event promotion and the articles published.

– Sairam Nagpal, Vista Flooring

WADe Asia is an amazing event, especially the turnout from the architect’s world are really niche. Important architects like DSP were there. The highly important part of WADe was most of the principal architects were themselves present. So, like it was a good experience for Wipro…, we could network with very important people. And we look forward to our future participation.

-Mr. Bhupendra, Wipro Lighting

Getting very good architects & designers in one place is a very challenging task. WADe Asia has successfully done this and we benefitted for 2 days from the inquiries and direct interaction with the specifiers. Normally, when we want to meet architects, they are busy and after a long time & effort, we are able to meet. WADe Asia has filled this gap for us. I really liked it.

-Manager, Alstone Industries

We have participated in WADe Asia and we getting very good response from very good architects. We have met some of the best architects from all over India and also neighboring countries and showed them our products. I am really happy to see how much they liked our products. Thank you!

-Yash Patel, Director, Airolam Laminates